The Xanadu Ark w/ TRAVISWILD (Long Beach)

The Xanadu Ark w/ TRAVISWILD (Long Beach)

  • Location:Long Beach, CA
  • Venue:Catalina Classic Cruises
  • Length:5 – 9

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Join us for a 3-hour harbor cruise on our 3 decker boat as we sail into the sunset. This will be our 2nd sunset cruise of our 5 part series, happening monthly to keep the summer vibes going strong!


Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/422528394611584/


===== WHY? =====

We all know just how mesmerizing, inspiring and utterly Instagram-able a brilliant sherbet sunset can be, but most of us only make time for sunsets when we’re on vacation, as if that calming, beautiful moment can only occur when we’re in an exotic place, free from everyday obligations.

But — newsflash — the sun sets every single day, no matter where you are. So let us gather together to witness the beauty and awe of the sunset, on a 3 decker boat, floating in the middle of the ocean – of course, as we dance & celebrate life till the last sliver disappears below the skyline.

===== THEME =====
We are creating a modern day version of the infamous Noah’s Ark so come in pair’s of two for double the fun. Ears, tails, whiskers, fins, with a splash of animal print are welcome aboard as we set sail into the sunset for round 2 of our Sunset Sessions!

===== SCHEDULE =====
5:00pm Check-in (have your email receipt ready)
5:30pm Boarding
6:00pm SAIL
9:00pm Ends
(Come early so you don’t miss the boat!)

===== ADDRESS =====
Catalina Classic Cruises
1046 Queens Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90802
(By the Queen Mary. Parking is $18 so please carpool or Uber!)